With the different Futurcret microcement products, you can renovate the flooring in your home, premises or office with major cost savings and no construction hassles. Microcement floors represent the latest advance in minimal thickness cement coatings.

Versatile nature

Microcement continues to be the best ally in interior design projects

Natural textures designed to bring your creativity to life, generating the most unexpected designs in decorative surfaces due to their natural appearance, light feel and their water and vein effect that break with traditional approaches.

Industrial texture

Designed to increase resistance and provide a more industrial look

A flooring with greater grading and a more homogeneous appearance, designed for interior or exterior projects. In addition, thanks to its composition, it has greater resistance to wear and tear from abrasion and compression.

Robustness in millimetres

A perfect combination with other materials

It’s perfectly accompanied by a myriad of elements such as stone, ceramic or wood, generating harmony between all the components in interior or exterior spaces.

High resistance

The microcement designed for high-traffic spaces

Its formulation combines the latest technology with highly-proven raw materials, which form a hard and resistant surface against intensive traffic.

Inspired by natural textures

The texture of natural stone turned into microcement

WALL is a unique coating with a lot of personality, ideal for walls, available in all the colours in our range. A rough and homogeneous surface, with small, evenly distributed craters.